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Custom Cylinder Heads

At HRD Racing Heads, we have spent the last 35 years creating custom cylinder heads for some of the best racers and engine builders in the world. Our experience in the field has taught us that when it comes to cylinder heads, only one thing counts: power. To that end, we have focused all of our research on developing the best ways to create custom cylinder heads designed for maximum horsepower.

Optimizing Custom Cylinder Heads

When it comes to customizing cylinder heads, there are a number of common misconceptions. Head porting is a perfect example of this. For years, people believed that simply making large holes out of smaller ones was a way to improve cylinder head airflow. In fact, such older techniques often did nothing--neither providing any more or less power to the engine.

Cylinder head "shininess" is another one of these misconceptions. Certain companies spend countless hours trying to polish their cylinder heads, believing that performance will be improved. Testing has shown that this is actually a waste of time. Instead, modifying potential air obstacles within the cylinder head (such as turns or the valve) are what should be focused on.

Although much of this information is now available (we post it freely on our website), many of our competitors still make these, and other, common mistakes. At HRD Racing Heads, we are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve cylinder head power. Our focus, expertise and dedication to results are what truly separate us from our competitors. In fact, we believe in staying ahead of the game and setting the pace--not in trying to catch up.

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