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HRD is known for producing consistently high air flow along with high velocity intake port numbers and unparalleled exhaust port numbers. We are also proud to be offering state of the art heat treating services to most aluminum racing cylinder heads.

* Note - These are just a few cylinder heads of which we have our own CNC'd proven, winning programs. Please E-Mail with questions on your specific application.

15 Degree # 24502615x
18 Degree # 12370855
18 Degree # 24502580
18 Degree # 10134364
23 Degree # 10051101
Splayed Valve V8 # 24502517
Splayed Valve V6 # 10134394
SB2 # 12480011
GM SB2.2 Hi/Lo
B.B. DRCE2 # 24502585
Ford D3 (Circle Track)
D3 # M-6049-D3 Ford
SC1 # M-6049-SC1
C3 # M-6049-C35
C3 # M-6049-C3L

We are a dealer for Brodix and carry many many different cylinder heads as well as having our own versions.

Ford BF 301
Track 1 SBC
BBC Big Duke # PB 1802
Spec Head (Chevy, HRD Design)
ASCS (HRD Design)
SBC 15 Degree Custom HRD Castings
SBC 13 Degree 4.5 Bore Spacing
We are a dealer for Dart and carry many many different cylinder heads as well as having our own versions.

SBC 12.5 Degree #14400000C
BBC 320 # 16300000
BBC Big Chief 3815 # 18100000
BBC Big Chief 384 # 18200000


Dodge P-7 # P5007428426 Hemi Aluminum # P4529336 AFR 215


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