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High Performance Cylinder Heads

High performance cylinder heads are at the core of high performance engines. Typically sitting on top of the engine block, the cylinder head houses the combustion chamber and has a direct impact on the horsepower that can be generated. At HRD Racing Heads, we have spent the last 35 years taking high performance cylinder heads and improving upon their original designs.

How To Improve High Performance Cylinder Heads

Throughout the years, there have been many misconceptions regarding the improvement of high performance cylinder heads. Unfortunately, too few companies take the time to test and research, leading them to perpetuate the same mistakes. At HRD Racing Heads, we have always remained committed to staying ahead of the game--we offer our customers the latest technological improvements.

HRD actually stands for Horsepower Research and Development. In essence, our name says it all: we are focused on finding and developing ways that allow engines to generate more power. To that end, we do not waste our time on things that do not fit within these parameters - thus saving our customers both time and money.

With such a focus on results, it's no surprise that we have worked with so many top racing teams and engine builders. Racing is a competitive industry in which you are only as good as the results of your last showing. At HRD Racing Heads, we are committed to working with our customers and providing them with the high performance cylinder heads they need to make an impact in the racing world.

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