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Mopar Cylinder Heads

At HRD Racing Heads, we have spent the last 35 years making improvements to a variety of performance Mopar cylinder heads. As engine builders already know, the cylinder head is at the core of an engine's power. To that end, we have focused our research and development on finding the most effective ways to produce Mopar cylinder heads of high functional quality.

Mopar Cylinder Heads - Untapped Power

When it comes to Mopar cylinder heads, results are all that count. This is exponentially true when dealing with the high-stakes world of car racing where every little added edge can add up to the difference between winning and losing. To that end, countless racing teams and engine builders have come to us seeking our expertise for close to four decades.

In recent years, CNC manufacturing systems have swept numerous industries, including our own. These computerized systems allow us to produce our parts quicker and more precisely, with substantial monetary savings. Nevertheless, although we use top-of-the-line CNC systems in the customizing of our Mopar cylinder heads, we always finish the work by hand, providing the best quality control in the industry.

Since the inception of HRD Racing Heads, we have focused on one thing: improving engine horsepower. This focus is what drives all of our research and development and is what has kept us at the forefront of the industry for close to four decades. Why risk going to anyone else, who may waste your time and money with cosmetic concerns, or issues that do not directly relate to your needs?

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